"WalletWin works for everyone. Jonathan and Amanda are amazing, patient teachers who are with you every step of the way."
Hannah - Denver, CO

Learn How Money Works

Learn the ins and outs of money and how to get it working for you

Get Strategic With Your Finances

Implement proven principles, gain momentum, and see results

Experience the Ripple Effect

Gain the freedom and opportunities that come from intentionally growing your wealth

What makes WalletWin So Different?

Most people were never taught how to handle money. We've created a framework that helps people learn how to get out of debt, build wealth, and change the world through generosity.

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We know how it feels to be frustrated by money. And how to move beyond frustration into freedom, reducing stress and unlocking opportunities in all areas of life.

WalletWin was founded by Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira. (Hello!) Early in our marriage, we  paid off $25,000 of debt in only 7½ months, and over the last five years we've helped thousands get started in rewriting their money story.

Casually, a couple people asked us money questions and we answered them. That snowballed and turned into hundreds of people asking questions, speaking at events, and providing 1:1 custom financial coaching.

That’s when we started scratching our noggins and realized that we have a unique ability to teach others about this whole financial freedom thang.

We founded WalletWin to get as many people as possible working toward their brighter financial future.

Working your way through the WalletWin Course, you will: 1) Learn how money works by an A-to-Z crash course in financial fundamentals 2) Get your money working for you with simple, easy-to-implement strategies, and 3) Feel the ripple effect as your increased discipline and success with money influences every other area of your life.

Transform money from a source of frustration into a source of freedom. Life's too short to be stressed out about money, getting into money fights with your spouse, and worrying about a retirement you might not get to enjoy. Take control of your money and start seeing renewal in your life. 

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"Now I have more control over my money. I am no longer afraid to look at my bank account."

Natalie - London, ON

1 Course, 8 Modules

You'll get an A-to-Z crash course in the foundations of personal finance with the WalletWin Course.

Here's a peak at some of what you'll learn:

Module 1: Money Mindset

  • What is money really all about?
  • What's the deeper reason that motivates you to use money well?
  • Which money habits have you carried from your upbringing—maybe without knowing about it?
  • What is your financial personality type and how does it influence your interactions with money?

What's the Cost?

What's the cost of not acting now and continuing to pull your hair out over your finances?

How much interest will you pay on your debt this year?

How much stress will you feel?

How distracted will you be a work, worrying about your financial situation?

How many money fights will eat away at the foundation of your marriage?

When it comes to getting your finances back on track, inaction can be costly. Stop wasting opportunties and start your financial turnaround today.



3 Monthly Payments
  • WalletWin Core Curriculum
  • Dozens of Worksheets
  • 1 Year of Access
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3 Monthly Payments
  • WalletWin Core Curriculum
  • Dozens of Worksheets
  • No expiration date on your access access
  • End the Paycheck-Paycheck Cycle Mini-Course
  • Debt-Free without Deprivation Mini-Course
  • 1 Month to $1K Mini-Course
  • 3 Months of 1:1 Coaching
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Also Included When You Join WalletWin

Hot Seats

Each month, WalletWin Members are invited to our WalletWin Hot Seat, where we take a laser-focused deep dive solving a member’s biggest financial obstacle. Hop in the Hot Seat yourself or tune in to learn from watching a fellow WalletWinner work through their obstacles.

All WalletWin Members have access to the ever-growing Hot Seat Archive.

Coaching Calls

All WalletWin Members are invited to our monthly WalletWin Coaching Calls, rapid fire Q+A sessions designed to inspire you in your financial journey and equip you with strategies to build momentum. You can hop on the call live to ask your question or submit it ahead of time.

All WalletWin Members get access to not only the live calls but also the Coaching Call Archive.

Monthly Bonuses

Every month brings with it new Bonus Materials on a variety of topics. We’re talking bonus resources, mini-courses, cheat sheets, all designed to supplement the WalletWin Core Curriculum.

There’s a new topic each month–Groceries, Relationships, How to Teach Your Kids to Handle Money, Getting Off the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Hamster Wheel, Home Buying, to name a few that will be added each month–and each will be waiting for you in your Membership Library.

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🎁 Bonuses available in the Plus and VIP Packages

End the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle Mini-Course

Stop hoping the money will be there and start living on money you already have.

Debt-Free without Deprivation Mini-Course

Life doesn’t have to be miserable when you’re getting out of debt. Learn how to have a fun, full life as you pay off debt.

1 Month to $1K Mini-Course

Learn how to easily build financial momentum quickly and start moving towards your goals.

"I couldn't have done it without WalletWin."

-Karissa, Teacher and Single Mom of Three who eliminated $35,000+ in the last 12 months